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Everyone has a story, here is mine... 

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Hi! I am Tammy and this is my family. I was born and raised in Colorado, but now consider Florida my home. Therefore, I love the mountains and the beach equally! Really, I just love everything about life, even the lessons that we are sometimes given (but I will get into that later if you decide to stick around with me).


While you might be thinking I'm the "food police" since I am a dietitian, you'll be surprised to discover that this couldn't be farther from the truth! Read more...

What is Intuitive Eating?

This is the most common question I hear... what exactly is intuitive eating? Our brains that have been taught to think in right or wrong and black or white thinking patterns wants an easy explanation to this question. Therefore, it's  easy to fall into thinking... intuitive eating simply means to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. That sounds good in theory, right? 

While that is somewhat true. There is much more to it. But what's most important is how you weave intuitive eating into your current life and lifestyle. There is no cookie cutter method and the wisdom how to optimally nourish yourself is locked within you. Read more...


(In case you are wondering, this is scale in my hand, being smashed.)

What else makes Tammy unique?


In case you were wondering, I am Leo. That may tell you a bit about me. However, I do not like to be put into a box, even the spiritual you must be like every other leo box and therefore, I don't put others into a box. I believe each person out there is truly unique. And I strongly believe those I work with are not broken. They may be blind to their greatness, but never broken. 

Out of curiosity, I asked my friends what makes me unique. They told me things like... "You are the least judgmental person I have ever met." "You are naturally inspiring.". "The amount of love, consideration, and patience you offer is remarkable." My friends saw this in me before I could see this in me. And this is why I believe it is so important to have others in your corner shining the light on your greatness. 

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