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In case you were wondering, I am Leo. That may tell you a bit about me. However, I do not like to be put into a box, even the spiritual you must be like every other leo box and therefore, I don't put others into a box. I believe each person out there is truly unique. And I strongly believe those I work with are not broken. They may be blind to their greatness, but never broken. My role is to be your guide and lift you up. 

Out of curiosity, I asked my friends what makes me unique. They told me things like...

"You are the least judgmental person I have ever met." "You are naturally inspiring.". "The amount of love, consideration, and patience you offer is remarkable." My friends saw this in me before I could see this in me. And this is why I believe it is so important to have others in your corner shining the light on your greatness. 

When I was growing up, I developed such deep-rooted feelings about myself, which was intertwined with how I felt about my body. I grew up with people in my family who lived in larger bodies, some had health conditions, and because of societal conditioning, I thought, “I have to grow up different and I will be better/healthier, which can happen if I am in a smaller body”. 


Without going into the full drama, I became a dietitian so I could finally figure out food, how to control my body, and how to “use” food in the name of health. Insert thinking about food literally 24/7, attempting weight loss the "right" way, justifying food intake through knowledge, and… 


…not really ever figuring “it” out. Can you relate?


I felt like a fraud telling clients what to eat, when I couldn’t get a handle on my own health. I began having massive auto-immune responses and at one point could not get the scale to budge down, no matter what. Meanwhile, my mental health was a pile of steaming trash. 


Quite honestly,  I was miserable and desperate to change not only my body, but also my skin's complexion with this false hope it would bring health and happiness.   


At my darkest moment, intuitive eating weaved it’s way back into my life. It rescued me from feeling absolutely crazy about food and obsessive with the scale. It was so freeing. 


But… there was still this nagging feeling of unhappiness. I learned to just completely shut off my emotions when feeling my emotions became too much. I would just numb out (often with food) and permission to eat with intuitive eating gave me a free pass to do this. 


I was so perplexed. I was educated, smart, and a resourceful women, but I was continuing to live by how I looked, never truly happy, still. 


And then… I started learning about brain science and how to find happiness from the inside out.  Everything I had ever learned and experienced clicked! Light bulbs were going off everywhere.

But I was skeptical. Constantly asking myself, “can this really work?”


These desperate times called for action and I just knew I had to follow what I had been led to. I knew I had to make these changes, no matter how uncomfortable or uncertain it felt. 


During this difficult time in my life, thankfully I had a coach who honored my uniqueness, believed I was not broken, and was willing to shine the light on the thinking patterns that were ultimately keeping me stuck. I had actually found what I had missing my whole life. And it has been like a breathe of fresh air. 


I am so happy to share… I showed up for myself and am forever thankful I committed daily to this unique blend of what I've discovered because today - I feel calm and confident around food, I deeply trust and appreciate my body, and I am able to be present with all my relationships above and beyond food. 


Because of this commitment, my life, marriage, parenting, and most importantly my relationship with myself is completely unrecognizable, in the best way possible (including lights on moments - you know what I mean right!)?


But I’m going to keep it real with you. I really wanted this change. So I had to put my courage hat on, put in the commitment and stay the course. 


This wasn’t some magic pill or overnight success. 


I’ve spent years learning how to connect to love with food, my body, and my life. I have each spent thousands on coaching programs, books, continuing education, self-development and events trying to figure out how to solve my problem. 


And then almost out of nowhere, I had a breakthrough. For the first time, I was actually able to have food feel fun and LOVE my whole-self, including my body, without having to shrink it or make it something it wasn’t. 


It was seriously like an awakening and all I want to do is share it with others, so that you, just like me, can have this breakthrough once and for all. 


It felt so liberating. If you haven't experienced that feeling of a breakthrough in your life yet.....just wait until you do! It’s yummier than your favorite food :) 


It’s amazing what releasing what others think of me, my body, and my food choices has done for my mental wellbeing and sense of peace. 


We went from feeling a deep sense of self-disgust and constant pre-occupation with fixing me through food to complete contentment and even liberation!


It’s truly remarkable. 

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