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Grab a copy of Your
Intuitive Life Journal

Stop blaming food and discover your optimal health through a lens of love

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in learning alongside me. I would love nothing more than for us to connect! There are few ways we can do this, you decide what is the best option(s) for you...   
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Beyond Intuitive Eating...
The Liberated Food & Body Free Community

Join a community for women who are ready to break free from obsessive food & body thoughts, emotional eating, and looking in the mirror with disgust.  You'll find several free resources, plus you can join me or my sister Beth Basham at weekly live sessions where we discuss topics popularized by our members - which could be YOU!

Peace with Food and Soul Group Coaching Program

This option is your most comprehensive option and is for you, if you:

  • Know without a doubt that you cannot take another step into diet culture, but you feel deep level of uncertainty about what else to do.

  • Thrive in a group setting with other like minded individuals who are on the same journey as you.

  • Find yourself struggling on how to integrate an improved relationship with food and body into your life; therefore, you would benefit from personalized guidance from master coaches and other group members. 

  • Are committed to finding relief in the quickest, most effective way possible.

  • Are open to learning and applying not only the practical tips on intuitive eating, but also harness neuroscience and the power of nervous system regulation. (PS If you have no idea what this means, it's ok... we will teach you! That is what we are here for.)

* Please note: We are not able to accept everyone into this program. If you are interested to learn more, get started by applying to see if you may qualify. 

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Embrace Your Intentional Life Retreats

If you are ready to fully immerse your mind, body, and soul into an immersive healing experience to physically, mentally, and emotionally step into your fullest highest potential inside your life, you will not want to miss this! Space is limited and in order to maximize your experience, we require that you either are a Peace with Food & Soul member OR you have completed at minimum 3 months of the monthly subscription. 

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