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Thank you in advance for the referral!

Below you will find a secure, HIPPA compliant referral form. Please complete and fax any other relative documents to 850-338-9191. 

What you can expect working with me:

  • I will attempt to contact your referral 3 times via calling and 1 last effort via text (if a cell phone is provided). If I don't hear from them, I will let you know. 

  • I will send you a completed summary and assessment of our initial consultation. Summary to follow up appointments will be sent per your discretion. If you would like a summary for every visit I can do that. Or if you'd prefer, I will send an overall summary quarterly. 

  • I will provide the client/patient a superbill to be submitted to their insurance for reimbursement. I do not provide any direct billing to insurance. 

I have worked with hundreds of patients with varying health conditions and concerns, but have found that I tend to be most effective with a person who fits one or more of the criteria below.

  • The person who is dedicated to their health and wellness and willing to put in the work to get healthier.

  • The person who doesn’t make excuses and recognizes they are in control of their future self.

  • The person who is ready to take their first step and needs guidance knowing how to move forward.

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