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10 Benefits of Simply Journaling that allow MASSIVE Transformation in any area of your Life

Journaling or documenting thoughts, feelings, and experiences is nothing new, it is an ancient practice... something that has carried through the test of time. Even with our current technology, nothing can replace the physical act of writing. Don't get me wrong, writing on a computer or an app or something of the sorts, can still be beneficial (heck I am doing it right now). But the act of putting a pen or pencil to paper is cathartic. It literally releases from within us.

You may have started journaling as a teenager where you complained about your parents, friends, or dating, which you can look back and almost laugh at how simple life may have been at the time in comparison to where you are at now, but recognize something else... when you wrote in that did you feel before and after? Can you recall the difference? You may not be able to remember the exact feeling, but chances are... you felt better. And guess what? It still feels good! Not only does it feel good, journaling can help us transform in any area of our life. Where ever we put our attention in journaling is where we will see and feel the transformations.

Here are 10 more benefits of journaling; however, the benefits are truly endless...

  1. Organizes our thinking

  2. Cultivates self-awareness of where we are on the vibrational emotional scale

  3. Soothes negative emotions (and move up the vibrational emotional scale)

  4. Allows our subconscious to talk to our conscious mind

  5. Lets the ego go aka let go of external influences

  6. Helps us to answer questions and/or seek clarity

  7. Manifests our desires through building a neural pathway of where we are to where we want to go

  8. Plants and harvests gratitude

  9. Provides self-compassion to ourselves

  10. Opens up reflection opportunities as we log reminders or are able to look back on our growth, what we have accomplished thus far, etc.

With all of the benefits of journaling you may think... I want to do it or get back to it, but how could I possible add more thing to my life? Simple... just start. Even 5 minutes per day you can likely experience some of these benefits. And another beautiful thing about journaling is that there is literally no right or wrong way to journal AND it is completely and solely yours! You do not have to show a soul, so there is no external judgment.

You can either keep a small journal with you at all times to stop and journal in the moment when needs and/or you can set up. a practice around this. It either be in the morning or the evening or maybe before or after a transition time like work to home or vice a versa. Again, this practice if for YOU, so do what feels good to YOU!

And if you are really stuck here a few ideas to get you started...

- Write about everything you are grateful for (gratitude alone helps us move up that scale, but when we combine the power of gratitude and journaling... it is pure magic).

- Write down any questions you have had and then write... "what do I think about this" (and see what happens next).

- If needed... just doodle a few words until you feel inspired.

- And be sure to Join our free Love Your Food, Love Yourself Facebook group where you will receive free journal prompts every week at

Ok. That is it for today. Grab some paper and a pen or pencil and get to journaling...

PS... If you loved this blog, you will really love this podcast... "Journaling for Transformation...Let go of that Ego Girl!"

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