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3 Keys to Becoming an Empowered Eater

You will discover that finding peace with food and soul for a lifetime is not something you get from watching YouTube videos or reading a couple of self-help books. It likely took you years or decades to lose trust with food and become dissatisfied with your body – it will likely take time, love, and patience to restore you back to your natural state of being an Empowered Eater.

According to the CEO of my sister company, Beth Basham, and myself, there are three essential pillars needed to support your transition from defeated to empowered. Each element is needed to support the other, and similar to a three-legged stool, one must utilize all three for a powerful transformation around food and body.

On the podcast this week, we discussed each pillar in more detail so you could get a small taste of just how in-depth and important these three pillars are within intuitive eating practices and the Peace with Food & Soul method. Here's a quick breakdown:

Peace with Food & Soul Method

Pillar 1: Educate - Learn the practical tips and principles of mindful and intuitive eating.

Pillar 2: Embody - Harness neuroscience and subconscious reprogramming methods for powerful shifts in your ways of being around food and body.

Pillar 3: Engage - Better understand the nervous system and its active role in regulating your emotions for ultimate peace and freedom.

To learn more about these three pillars and the Peace with Food and Soul program, Tune in to Episode 2.04 of the Love Your Food, Love Yourself, Love Your Life podcast today to join the conversation.

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