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Awakening Love & Joy through Your Intuitive Life Journal

I am so excited!

Have you ever had a passion project that lights your heart up like no other? I feel absolutely so grateful to have found one. You could even call it a calling or my dharma. I feel like everything in my personal and professional life has beautifully woven me into this time and space to be right here with you, offering this to you. Once this creation sparked back in 2019, there was no turning back.

And what am I talking about… drum roll… Can you guess what it is?

Your intuitive Life Journal is really actually about to make its debut. Eeeks! If everything in the land of tech goes well, you will be able to reserve a pre-sale copy on 3/3/22! I do not have a delivery date yet as there are several things in the works, but rest assured, it is almost here. Oh, the joy!

So let’s break this down. And let’s start with the name.

  • Your - this was created with YOU in mind. It is for YOU! It is YOURS :)

  • Intuitive - A core foundation of the journal includes intuitive eating and guides users to connect to their internal wisdom.

  • Life - you will discover multiple resources for life management & observations

  • Journal - this was the best name to overall encompass everything that your journal will include and does include transformational journaling prompts.

The intention of this life journal is to provide you with a comprehensive space to explore multiple resources while documenting your journey into loving your food, self, and life beyond anything you could ever imagine.

So often when we start to explore the impact food may have on how we feel, or when we find ourselves in a state of disease or “dis-ease”, food becomes the culprit of all ailments (mind, body, and/or soul). This, in turn, further encourages that food is the enemy, must be controlled, and becomes responsible for everything. This is a heavy burden we carry, and it can lead us to feel overwhelmed and uncertain how to nourish our bodies. However, we hold powerful innate wisdom to be able to awaken the love and joy that is already within.

Your life journal will help you to notice patterns contributing to your health in ways you never noticed before. It will help you look beyond just food being responsible and you will break free from that thinking. Here you will find several resources to guide you, while your journal holds up a mirror for you. Not a mirror in the sense of looking in a mirror to judgmentally observe your human shell, but a mirror that allows you to look within. The tools offered in this life journal are specifically put together to offer healing from the inside out so you may begin to step away from the idea of food being responsible for everything.

I offer this transformational, life-healing opportunity using the relationship you have with food because food is something we put our attention to every day. When we shift how we hold that attention, we shift every other aspect of our life, with very little effort, which is pretty amazing, right? You will find when the doors of food freedom open, you will discover the innate wisdom of not only your body but also the ability to connect to that inner wisdom as it relates to what foods specifically work for your whole self in any given moment.

3 Core Concepts within Your Journal

There are three vital pillars within your journal to support your transition from being overwhelmed with food and body guilt to being completely awakened to all the love and joy waiting for you in your life.

  • Self-Compassion

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Reflection

Each one of these pillars alone is helpful, but the utilization of all three of these exceptional pillars together unlocks the evolution you are looking for. In this process, you will discover why every courageous client I have worked with has completely transformed their relationship with food and body when combining these powerful tools.

What all is included?

Your Intuitive Life Journal is a first of its kind! As previously mentioned, it is more than just a journal. In this 6x9, spiral-bound notebook with organizational tabs, not only will you find journal prompts, but you will also find space to explore:

  • Vital resources for transformational success

  • Monthly calendar & task list spreads

  • Daily planner, alongside a self-care commitment list

  • Monthly & daily habit tracker, along with other pertinent trackers (ie lunar, bowels, etc).

  • Nourishment & mood log to include hunger, fullness, satisfaction, & environment

  • Daily intention & reflection space

  • And last but not least... Guided journal prompts to allow for massive transformation in regards to your relationship within food & body.

You will be guided through your journal on how to let go of the responsibility chains food has carried and gently shift into loving your food, loving yourself, and loving your life one step at a time...

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