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How we do food.... is how we do life

How do you start your day? Do you grab some coffee (or maybe tea) and run out the door, thinking... I will grab something on the way or get something later, while secretly self-loathing that you still have not succeeded with planning ahead or starting your day off right yet?

And then do you end up grabbing something, maybe a bar... or something that will quickly mindlessly fill you up to get you by? But... the day gets away from you and you barely have have time for lunch or maybe you just skip it all together because you are so busy, your body will not notice it needs fueled?

And then you get home and you are so famished that you do not really have the energy to cook, but you are also starving (and darn it you deserve it!) after the day you have had so you whip together whatever you can or again grab something up and dive in.

Sound familiar?

Or do you start your day with enough time to have a morning routine that includes nourishing your body in a pleasurable way? And then you plan ahead your lunch or maybe even go out with a friend to enjoy their company while you nourish yourself?

Either way... do you notice anything???

What you may notice when you take a step back to be a neutral observer, your relationship with and how you chose to nourish your body like directly relates to your life as well.

If you have too much on your plate (figuratively), you may either put a lot on your literal plate or maybe just skip your meal all together because you are so full already.

If your schedule does not allow for time to spend inside a nourishing meal, you likely feel like you lack time to spend with loved ones.

And if you feel like you can never get to the store to that 2 week shopping trip because all you can muster up energy for is to pick up something for tonight or tonight, you may very well be exhausted and running on fumes in many area of your life.

And guess what?!

This is completely normal! You are normal!

There is no shame in this, just beautiful gratitude that we have a practice that we hopefully participate in several times a day, that can help us learn about our life. Food can simply teach us the lessons our whole life may need.

And guess what else?

If we are unhappy in our life and desiring a change, food can be our catalyst to make the changes we would like to make that ripple through our whole life.

If this seems like a completely foreign concept, it is not. It is related to the infamous quote "The way we do anything is how we do everything", which appears to be attributed it to Zen Buddhism, however, the adage is unknown. There is a lot of wisdom is in this adage, which is clearly demonstrated from the thousands of articles and several books that dig into this.

Carrying this concept with us... can be a little ah-ha mountain following us around just waiting for the opportunity for us to look at it and learn from it.

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