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Now is the time to open your conscious awareness and unleash your power!

Warning, this blog article may be seeping with woo and who knows maybe some corny goo. Are you still in?

If yes! Awesome! Grab a beverage, kick back, and read on...

Let me ask you… how are you?

And are you being all you want to be in this life?

You’re probably like… whoa… that is kind of a bold question right off and it is, but follow me here….

Seriously…are you being all you want to be in this life? Many people often want freedom, success, happiness, health, etc… Sound about right? How is that going? And do you feel this way with your food and do your thoughts align to this about your body?

So I will ask again… how are you doing? Have you stepped into a way of living that fully supports all you want to be? If yes, I would love to interview you on the Love Your Food, Love Yourself podcast to help spread awareness that IT IS POSSIBLE! Everything and anything is possible!

If you have not, I invite you to look at where you are at. It may feel like icky goo, but I promise you have all the wisdom within you to get out and I am happy to be your tour guide pointing you in the direction of which way to go when you feel stuck. When you learn to cultivate your interoceptive awareness (the ability to perceive physical sensations that arise from within our body) around eating, it is often found that you reconnect to your sentient self on a very deep level which will allow you to practice awareness in all situations in your future. For the first time in your (adult) life, you will know you and listen to you. Now is the time to open your conscious awareness and unleash your personal power!

This unleashing is often considered a spiritual awakening (as mentioned in the most recent Love Your Food, Love Yourself podcast). A spiritual awakening is a call to higher consciousness and deeper mental awareness. The process of spiritual awakening brings about personal transformation and a shift in one’s worldview. When someone goes through a spiritual awakening they experience a shift in their mental framework.

So are you ready to step into a world of more peacefulness? More trust? More love?

Does it feel scary? Unknown? Or what stories are coming up as you consider making this shift? Do those stories serve you? Do those stories help you to rise up and step into your highest self which allows you to serve your soul purpose or dharma?

Often when one is experiencing a spiritual awakening, it is more about what “letting go of what no longer serves you”. So I ask… is dieting serving you? Do your thoughts about food or your body serve you? Do the rules you have about eating serve you? Does thinking that a single nutrient in the plethora of nutrients available to us is somehow evil serve you? Do you see the correlation between how you think/feel about yourself is strongly correlated with many other aspects of your life? If you feel like changing your relationship with food is hard… what else appears hard in your life? If you overthink about every little bite that goes into your mouth, how much time are you spending overthinking in other areas of your life?

I know these questions feel heavy… so breathe! Our breath will walk us through what we need to walk through, even if it is one baby step at a time. Our breath is always there for us.

I know it may feel like this is not easy to make this shift. It may feel like you are crumbling and sometimes just want to go hide where no one can find you. But this is where you find transformation. And once you commit to learning how to Love Your Food & Love Yourself, you will end up Loving Your Life! As you are making this shift, refer to 3 Keys to Move Up the Vibrational Emotional Scale, Utilizing Food to Practice what we need in Life and be sure to Join our Free Facebook Group where you will receive weekly journal prompts guiding you through this transformation.

I know you can do this! Rise up! Ask for help! Be the helper! We have each other! Find your light! Find your love!

PS We barely got woo-woo... thanks for sticking with me. :)

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