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What is your identity when it comes to food and body?

According to one of my mentors, Jim Fortin, "Your identity is who you are subconsciously and you begin learning your identity as a small child."

So I ask again... who are you?

As a child, did you hear your parents saying "You can have dessert if you __________ (fill in the blank)".


"Be a good girl and clean your plate."


"That food is bad for you."


Did you observe your parents have a disordered relationship with food or watch/hear their dissatisfaction with their body and learned that this is the norm?


Did you experience what I call an impression moment with your body? The moment someone in your family or someone of authority (doctor, teacher, etc) made a comment about your body that started your journey of comparing your body to others and left you feeling quite inadequate? Out of all the clients I have worked with, almost every single person has a memory like this and guess what... they remember it like yesterday! And they are now an adult but they are holding onto that same feeling.

I have also worked with clients who grew up in a food and body neutral environment; however, due to the shear amount of societal pressure and quite honestly obsession with thinness, they still formed a dissatisfied relationship with food and their body.

All of these experiences end up shaping the stories we tell....

"I should only eat sugar on special occasions"

"Sugar is evil"

"If I start eating XYZ food, I will never stop"

"If I eat cake, I will gain 10 pounds"

"My body is only good if it is a certain size"

"I will never lose weight or it is a struggle to lose weight"

And ultimately... what most of these statements lead to is.... "I am not good enough" or "I do not have enough will power" or.... something else along those same lines. And this my friends is the identity loop that we can all so easily get caught in.

So you are probably asking... how do I break that cycle?

Come join me the in the Love Your Food, Love Yourself private facebook group to uncover the answers to this

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