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While-At-Home Self-Care Options

When you are self-isolated or quarantined at home or if you are someone who is essential and working, it is easy to just sit in front of the TV or Netflix all day when home, and you may find yourself constantly checking the news and social media for updates, but this is only going to make your stress worse. Instead, try focusing on adding more self-care into your routine. Goodness knows, we could all use it right now.

Take Social Media and News Breaks

The first way you can practice self-care is by giving yourself breaks from both the news and social media. It is a lot of information, debates, and numbers to absorb constantly. Try not be checking Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the news online and on your TV all day long. This is going to lead to stress, panic, and anxiety.

If you feel overwhelmed by everything going on, give yourself breaks away from your phone and computer, or at least log out of social media and watch anything but the news.

Find Fun Activities to Move Your Body

Exercise doesn’t have to feel like work. During times of being home, don’t make exercise out to be punishment for eating extra cookies or some kind of challenge to change your body. Instead, focus on making it fun and healthy for you and your family. If you have kids at home, get them involved. Do soothing exercises that are excellent for self-care, like yoga or stretching, go for walks, and try new workouts at home, (ps the sillier the better).

Add in Creative Activities During Your Day

Self-care also means doing something just for you that makes you happy. If you are a creative person, this might mean arts or crafts. Maybe you haven’t used for your crafts in a while, or you have been wanting to use those watercolors in your room, but haven’t had the free time. Now is the time to take advantage of being home and really let your creative sparks fly.

Try Pampering at Home

The salons and day spas are closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself! This is a common form of self-care and it needs not be underestimated. It can feel amazing to paint your nails, use new skincare products, take a hot bath, or put on a face mask. It can be simple, inexpensive, and something to do for yourself while at home.

Practice Meditation or Mindfulness

Lastly, relax your mind and body with meditation or mindfulness. With meditation, you can practice breathing exercises that let you clear your mind and focus on positive energy. Personally, I love using the app Insight timer and grabbing my “in the moment” favorite essential oil to utilize the power of aroma to calm me towards being able to relax. If you prefer mindfulness, you can focus on appreciation to what is in this moment, without worrying about the past or stressing about the future.

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